We all have a story that we tell ourselves. Sometimes we have multiple stories. These narratives help us cope with our lives and the situations we face. They can help us focus on what we want and where we want to go but if they are not based on who you really are, you will be left feeling that something is missing. It won’t matter if the cause you have aligned yourself with is the most altruistic group out there, if it doesn’t match your personal legend you will feel the disconnect.

When I say “story” I don’t mean the Once upon a time typealthough yours may sound a little like that, rather it sounds like one of these:

“I can retire in two years and then I can start living my life the way I want to.”

“I know he loves me, he just doesn’t know how to show it.”

“I am going to win the lottery, become a millionaire and then I will be happy.”

“I am going to start my own business selling (xyz) and will be wildly successful, because who doesn’t want an (xyz)?

“I am just not smart enough to succeed or get that promotion.”

“By the end of this year, I will be showing my art in that world-famous museum!”

The problem with the tales we tell ourselves is that they may not be connecting your heart and mind. No matter how badly you think you want something with all of your heart if your mind thinks it’s nonsense your motivation and ability to achieve that goal will be severely diminished. Worse yet, wrong stories that we tell ourselves can push us farther from who we truly are.

Your true story will feel right, like that perfect pair of jeans (or yoga pants!). It won’t feel forced or make you feel anxious. Your tale might not be one of fame and fortune, but it will be yours allowing you to find meaning and purpose in your life. This meaning and purpose will align with your personal goals and make for a much happier life.

So, what is the story you are telling yourself? More importantly, is that story the right one? And how do you know? Some of us are so buried in false stories we don’t know which one, if any of them, are true!

Sometimes we need a little help rediscovering our true story, the one we have buried or forgotten. I have been there and I can help you with that.

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