What this blog is and some rules.

“Retirement” Day

Update: 11/19/19:

So I recently downgraded to the regular no payment plan, then found out that they were putting ads on my site likely because I am not paying for it, but someone was… so I took the dive, signed up again for a premium plan and allowed Ads to be on my page. I don’t like it, but they were placing ads here anyhow so why shouldn’t I get money for the fact that they are using my blog as a billboard. 

So my apologies to you my reader. I caved because I didn’t want to pay for this site, it is a side project for now and well… maybe the ads will pay for the premium I paid to be here. That’s how it goes sometimes. Hopefully, the ads are not too annoying. 

There has been a lot to think about recently as if I needed more to clutter up my brain.

I run my own business. I pay my taxes. I love my friends and family. I don’t always agree with them but that doesn’t mean I hate them or think they are the “enemy.”

A difference of opinion is good. It is healthy and allows us to grow. Resisting other’s views means you have decided to stop learning. I will never stop learning. I want to hear what people have to say without hate or judgment.

Originally this website was going to be the new home of my life coaching business until I realized it wasn’t. I still needed a place for my voice. My opinion and a way to reach others in a genuine way. My hope is that this blog will become a place for people of all perspectives to discuss things that are going on in our country and our world.

Listening between the raindrops is a phrase that means “to focus on what isn’t obvious.” Listening between the irregular pattern of rain is challenging, listening between your hard held thoughts and opinions is just as difficult. If you hold a strongly held belief that you cannot support or provide an argument for, maybe you should look at it again. Doing things because they have always been done a certain way is not a reason to hold that opinion or perspective because you didn’t make the choice, you just followed.

I have two rules (for now):

  1. I will not tolerate anything other than honest discourse. If you are a jerk, prepare to be evicted. Speak your mind but do so with respect. Speak as if you were speaking to the person (or me) face to face.
  2. I don’t mind swearing but name-calling is out of the question.



Feel free to email me with questions or topics you would like to see discussed.




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